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FOX Business
Dec 9, 2012 9:30am EST
scores and the amnt of time spept in the classroom. not in math or science or in anything. u.s. students spend more time in the class rom than kid in the chin affin land and japan. that helps one person and that ishe teacher unions where the recip yepts of the spending. if you want to help the kids privatize the system. before the late 1880s it was home schooled and private and more choice and better o come for all. >> john, is it worth it or the education of the kids is worth it? >> i don't think there is a correlation. i think johnathon is right here. i don't agree with privatization of all schools. 20 years we had a best education system . we still have great teachers and school accident, but as a system, we are failing and we are falling down behind other countries. you look at oecd inwe are falling back every year. it is not the amount much time, it is what they are getting while they are there. and we don't have the ability to merit base teacher or students and we have a problem of the infrastructure. >> christian, what about the economics of all of we know that stes are trugling a
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 9:30am EST
of the u.s. government it uld make us look like greece tomorrow. instead, they are in like netherland so stuff like this happens. >> we're beginning to look like greece right now. butome things have improved. prices have gone up but that is supply and demand issue. supply is way down so delinquency rights are still very high. >> this is biggest government stimulus program of all. people forget, this stimulus, five trillion bucks. the president is rallying about fat cat bay but they were exempt from dodd-frank. they basically dominate the mark 90% of the mortgage market. they've got government backing. they don't have to compete. they don't have to out perform. they make more money than the government overseer, that is doing their job. you have directors there making millions of dollars. we should have reined them in long time ago. >> there was a ignite named franklin rains, he made $90 million back during his reign and they gave out $45 million in bonuses. these organizations have a bad history. >> they got a bad history. we have always known that. they were never real based on market fo
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 8:30am PST
was arrested with an antique shot gun that belonged to his great grandfather. he was release back in the u.s.. more on the return in a top of the hour. >> it is a week before christmas and many of you are heading to the airport. the poim will be traveling before heading out. we'll look at your travel forecast. the world didn'tind as the mayans predicted and so what should we do to make the most of the our lives? we'll talk to the doctor. more on these and more coming up in america's news headquarters. i hope you am join us. -- will join us. >> tizlet season to give. retailers make possible for shoppers to be an ang and he will pay off someone else's lay away bill. if done anonymously. they will reward and give money back to charity. tracey,ip want to go to you. toys rus. a company that is donating to charity if you help your fellow american. you like it >> as an angel no one knows who you are. that goes to show you that people don't need accolades for being kind much like congress who has to walk the victory lap every they they do something right for us. real human beings don't care. >> john
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)